Friday, March 14, 2008

Irish or not, everyone's gettin' crunk this weekend. Green river + green beer = green puke. But lucky you, we've got the ultimate hangover cure. And it doesn't involve any corned beef or cabbage (sick!)

Berry Chill's burning the midnight oil so all you St. Pat's brats can soothe your spins with a spoonful of BC. Your body will thank you!

We've created the ultimate cure below:

Original flavor, topped with kiwi (because it's green) and Golden Grahams (because they're at the bottom of BC's rainbow)

And the extra benefit of fresh breath will come in handy for any Irish kisses you happen to dole out....

If you're seeing double, we'll BC-in' ya!

Berry Important Persons: Agraja Sharma and Simren Dulai

Agraja Sharma and Simren Dulai, caught canoodling with a cup of Berry Chill at the Facebook Friends party.
What’s in her/his cup: Original with low-fat Milk & Honey granola, strawberries, blueberries and papaya (her) and Chilled Hot Chocolate with Oreo, mango, and stawberries (his)
She Says:"Let's stay in and get Berry Chill delivered every day. That's my idea of a dream date!"
He says: "Her order is pretty long... I might need flashcards to remember that order!"
We say: Awww, we can't decide what we love more... this couple, or a cup full of Berry Chill? This is a fro-mance with a happy ending.

Who is our next BIP? Maybe you. Stay tuned.
We'll BC-in' ya!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Berry Important Person: Jamie Kerner, Chicago

Who: Jamie Kerner, snapped enjoying BC at the Friends & Family party last night.
What’s in her cup: Strawberry-Banana Berry Chill with strawberries, fruity pebbles and the Milk & Honey chocolate granola (specially made for BC)
She said: "It’s funny, I was actually supposed to work here, but decided to go into interior design."
We say: Bad decision... why design homes when you could be designing cup after delicious cup of Berry Chill?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Berry Important Person: The Yogurteur

He is Berry Chill. It’s only fitting the very first BIP is BC’s CEO Michael Farah, the mastermind behind the guiltless gourmet.
He Says: “My dream cup would be topped with Milk & Honey granola, strawberries and bananas. The flavor? Original, of course”
We Say: Nothing like an original, for the original! You are what you treat!

Who’s the next BIP? Watch out… it could be you!
We’ll BC-in’ ya!

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