Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yelp Around the World!

Come and support Berry Chill!

What: Yelp Around the World
Who: YOU! (oh, and 1000 or so yelpers)
When: Thursday 7/24, event hours 7pm-10pm
Where: Dank Haus German Cultural Center, 5th Floor BALLROOM (4740 N Western Ave)
Parking: FREE parking (after 5pm ONLY) in the Corus Bank Parking Lot at 4800 N Western Ave
Cost: FREE!


Yelp Chicago's biggest OPEN PARTY....ever!

RSVP to mailto:chicago@yelp.com?body=I%20heard%20about%20this%20event%20on%20www.yelp.com%21&subject=Yelp%20Around%20the%20World%21 with your name, profile link and guest's name to be added to the list!

Open to Yelp Community: 8pm-10pm Special elite reception: 7-8pm.

:::::Special Spicy Guests...THE FLAMING DAMES BURLESQUE SHOW!::::::

The entire Yelp community is invited to join us for an evening at Dank Haus German Cultural Center in Lincoln Square...complimentary food, drinks and entertainment!

Vendors include (and we're still adding more!):
Sura Thai Bistro
Thai Urban Kitchen
The Spot
Friendship Chinese
The Melting Potand more....

Berry Chill (!!!!!!!)
TCHO Chocolates
Bleeding Heart Bakery
Sweet Collective
Marked for Dessert

Yelp's favorite DJ: Nikki C of Fliptopian World Music
Flaming Dames- NOT TO BE MISSED ;)

Quick Beauty Services:
Henna Shop
Urban Lift Hair Salon
Massage by Bloom Yoga
Strange Beauty Show
Exhale SpaNails Avenue

Beck's Beer
Argo Tea
Rain Vodka

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Berry Important Person: Chin Han

Actor Chin Han, seen in the 2008 sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
What’s in his cup: Original with Blueberries and Original Granola
We say: How berry cool is it to have a celebrity in Berry Chill?! Chin may be playing a villian in the upcoming summer hit The Dark Knight, but we know that indulging in Berry Chill's yogurt is doing something right.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Berry Important Persons: Foghat

Who: Foghat, enjoying some Berry Chill at Naperville Rib Fest 2008
What’s in their cups: We're not sure the exact ingredients, but judging from these facial expressions, might be a little more lucid than simply rainbow sprinkles.
They Say: "I'm in the mood, the taste is right, sprinkle on the toppings, we can Chill all night. Oooh, oooh, Chill Ride, take it freezy!- oooh, oooh"
We say: This band may have a song in Dazed & Confused - but we'd say they're more Crazed & Bemused by their magic cups of Berry Chill.

Who is our next BIP? Maybe you. Stay tuned.
We'll BC-in' ya!

Berry Important Persons: Carolyn Szafranski and Julie Alessi

Who: Carolyn Szafranski and Julie Alessi, Lincoln Park
What’s in their cups: Pistachio with Honey Os, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles (Carolyn) and Pistachio, Honey Os, rainbow sprinkles, yogurt raisins (Julie)
They say:"We hope Berry Chill opens a location in Lincoln Park soon, so we won't have to make the trek downtown every single day!"
We say: "These girls are Berry well-traveled."

Who is our next BIP? Maybe you. Stay tuned.
We'll BC-in' ya!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Berry Important Persons: Andy Lansing and Robin Rosenberg

Who: Andy Lansing and Robin Rosenberg, CEO/President and Chef d’Cuisine of Levy Restaurants
What’s in their cups: Andy - Original with Kashi cereal, strawberries, and bananas; Robin - original with blueberries and mango.
They Say:"It's not even 1 p.m. and we're already on our second cups, with one in the bag for the walk back to the office!"
We say: These Chicago foodie VIPS are cultural role models.