Friday, October 3, 2008

Berry Important Person: Tom Gorzelanny

Who: Rob, Lindsey, Tom Gorzelanny (pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates) and Amber

What's in his cup: Original with Fruity Pebbles

He Says: I love Berry Chill! Someone delivered it to us in our hotel when we were in town for a game, and now I love coming in and getting other people addicted!

We say: Shiver me cultures. He might be a pitcher, but it sounds like this Pirate and his crew have caught the Berry bug. So, Ahoy Fro-mie! We're glad you're hooked. Hoist you're spoon and prepare to plunder our treasure trove of toppings, because BC is the only spot in Chicago that always hits the spot. So eat up, me hearties. Fro-Yo!

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