Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Berry Important Person: Sage & Steve

Who: Sage & Steve
What's In Their Cups:  Original with carob chips, Sarah's Dark Chocolate Delight, & raspberries (Sage) and Original with mango, carob chips, & raspberries (Steve)
They Say:  Sage didn't have school today.  We try to keep her from coming more than once a day.  But, we needed our daily dose of cultures.
We Say:  You know what they say...A cup-of-BC-a-day keeps the doctor away.  So open up and say AHHHH.  It's been clinically proven that the active cultures in Berry Chill promote good digestion, help absorb nutrients and provide a barrier against potentially harmful substances.  What's the doctor's order?  8 oz cup, swallowed daily.  Side effects may include a Berry healthy obsession.


graysand said...

You two are soooo cute!!! Love the combos!! Yummy.

Liz said...

berry important people indeed! great pic!