Friday, March 20, 2009

BIP: Rich

Who: FearlessRich via
What's in his cup: Small Original w/ bananas, Small Peach Mango (plain), and of course a FREE Berry Chill t-shirt for taking advantage of Yogi's Sweet Tweet Anniversary Promotion.
He says: I may be new to Twitter, but I'm no stranger to Berry Chill! When I saw Yogi's Sweet Tweet of the day was a free Berry Chill t-shirt for the first 5 customers, I made it to the stores in record time.
We Say: This Berry Chill fan reminds us of another...Chicago Bears player Devin Hester! With a quick reaction time (and in a style all his own) we think scoring a free BC tee is a sweet as a Bear's touchdown...Hester would be proud!

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