Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Berry Chill Wins Best Frozen Yogurt at Time Out Chicago's 2009 Eat Out Awards

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CEO & Founder of Berry Chill, Michael Farah on the win: I want to thank the Academy...
9:57 PM Apr 6th from web

Berry Chill wins Best New Frozen Yogurt!!!!!
9:56 PM Apr 6th from web

Great end to the night
8:49 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Andddddd last award of the night: Best New Restaurant: The Publican!
8:23 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Thank you mom and dad: said by The Whistler. Will now go visit their restaurant
7:56 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Standard speeches: thank you so much...
7:55 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Critics Aawrds first stay tuned
7:41 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Here we go...
7:37 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

8 minutes until showtime...
7:22 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Spotted: Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard at the Time Out Chicago Awards
7:07 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Awaiting the arrival of tonight's host - Stephanie Izard from Top Chef!
6:53 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Just arrived at the Preston Bradley Center for the Time Out Chicago Awards! Great appetizers - only the best!
6:46 PM Apr 6th from TwitterBerry

Tweeting live from Time Out Chicago's Eat Out Awards!

Thanks to all those who voted to make Berry Chill Time Out Chicago's Best New Frozen Yogurt!

Complete Winner's List:

Critics' Picks

Promo King Award: Rodney Alex of Juicy Wine Company
Comeback Kid Award: Ryan Poli for Perenial
Urban Oasis Award: Piccolo Sogno
Please Don't Go Award: The Charleston
Best Elbow Rubbing: Duchamp
Best Way to Use Your Noodle: Bill Kim and Urban Belly
Best Revival Act: Martial Noguier at Café des Architectes
Best Extra Value Meal: The Bristol
Proof that Evolution Exists: The Coffee Studio
Best Place to Ogle Women: Big Chicks
The Bigfoot Award: Lyle Allen of Green City Market, who mentioned that the market returns to the outdoors on May 9.
Viagra Award for Staying Power: Club Lago, whose chimney collapsed a few weeks ago but whose business soldiers on.
The Blog-O You Can Trust Award: The L2O blog
The Most Unpretentious Pretentious Bar: The Whistler
Lifetime Achievement: Henry Bishop, aka the Wine Sheriff, late sommelier for Spiaggia

Readers' Picks
Best Brunch: Lula Cafe
Best Italian: Mia Francesca
Best tapas: Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba
Best vegetarian: Mana Food Bar
Best Middle Eastern: Chickpea
Best Frozen Yogurt: Berry Chill
Best thin-crust pizza: Spacca Napoli
Best burger: Kuma's Corner
Best Loop lunch: Epic Burger
Best beer bar: Hopleaf
Best Barbecue: Smoque
Best Thai: Sticky Rice
Best corner tap: Small Bar, Logan Square location
Best new bar: Angels and Kings
Best new restaurant: The Publican

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