Friday, July 17, 2009

The Games Have Begun- And We Are Inviting You to Front Row Seats!

As most of you know, Berry Chill has teamed up with Zipcar for their annual Low-Car diet. Our 30 excited contestants are beginning to situate themselves and get into the groove of the challenge. We ask that the participants dine at Berry Chill, workout at Equinox, and send in a blog every week so we can keep up with their progress! In addition to the required components of the challenge, we are also offering airbrush tans at Ortanic, spa treatments at Halo salon for men as well as Gordon's salon for women, and a couple of yoga classes at lululemon. One of our contestants, Leigh or LeighJHokie to the Twitter world, has already embarked on the challenge and tweeted about her whereabouts,
RT @LeighJHokie: Headed downtown for some equinox gym time & berry chill! #lowcardiet
less than 10 seconds ago from TweetDeck

We have a lot of faith in the participants! Every one on board with us is enthusiastic and ready to revamp their lifestyles!
Berry Good Luck!

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