Friday, August 14, 2009

We Can't Believe It's Already Over!

It's been a challenging 30 days... and the Zipcar Low-Car Diet presented by Berry Chill has finally come to an end. It's bittersweet for all of us Berry Chill especially because we have grown to love and admire the participants. For the participants, the challenge meant giving up their car keys, and changing their lifestyle. They were asked to use Zipcar's car sharing service in place of using their own cars, if they had one. Practically all of the participants realized how easy, stress-free, and economically and environmentally friendly it was to live car-free.

To get a feel for a day in the life of a low-car dieter, I'll show you one of the blogs Mara Unterberger sent in!
July 26th, 2009
While I am writing this, I am struggling to keep my eyes open and it is only 7:15pm. Today I woke up around 9am so that I could make it to the gym by 10am. I did the same two classes that I did last Sunday, Skinny Jeans and Above the Belt. I was nervous because a different teacher was standing in for the teacher that normally teaches the class. Andrea is the normal teacher and she is my favorite! I did like the teacher that taught the class today, but not as much as Andrea. I walked the mile both to and from the gym and then did an hour at the gym. That alone was enough to make me tired!
After class, I picked up a turkey sandwich for lunch and ran home to eat it before softball. I had a softball game from 1-2pm. It is about a mile walk each way to the softball field and the game was about an hour long. On top of the gym I could barely walk home!

After the softball game I had reserved a Zipcar so that I could drive to Berry Chill. The Zipcar was about a half mile from my house. In total I walked about 5 miles, spent an hour at the gym and another hour playing softball. This is the most exercise I think I have ever done in my life! I have to say that while I dragged myself everywhere today, I am glad that I did it and know that I will sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow I have another session with Jenny. I am sure that she will kick my butt in the gym but I am looking forward to it because I have fun working out with her. I will try and update tomorrow after the gym, if I am still standing!

So this evening, August 14th, we will celebrate their success and let them know (if they don't already) how proud we really are of their accomplishments at the Skybox on Sheffield in Wrigley Field from 5-8 p.m.

p.s.- There WILL be a winner picked this evening, so stay tuned for a feature on the blog!


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