Thursday, September 4, 2008

Berry Important Person: Gordon Beckham

Who: Gordon Beckham (Chicago White Sox first round draft pick from University of Georgia)
What's in his cup: Original with strawberries and Milk & Honey granola
He says: I'm just getting to know Chicago and so far it's been great. But, I wish they served Berry Chill at the ballpark.
We say: The White Sox might be our home team, but when it comes toBerry Chill, there's no need for a shortstop. So step up to the plate and catch some fro-yo. We'll BC-in ya in the stands!

1 comment:

Sully said...

I also went to this fabulous place, and i got the equivalent of the "chocolate taste"; with bananas; not sure of the real name of this yogurt, but I will definitely make regular visits here when in Chicago. Thanks to Jeff for turning us on to it!