Thursday, December 18, 2008

Berry Chill and Chicago's Off the Street Club!

On Wednesday, December 17, Berry Chill served up some sweet treats to Draft FCB's Holiday Party to over 40 children of Chicago's Off the Street Club. 

Founded in 1900, Off the Street Club is Chicago's oldest boys and girls club and serves more than 3,000 kids. The Off the Street Club is a special organization that gives kids aged 4-18 a place to do their homework, play computer games, perform plays, dance, roller-skate, sing, pay musical instruments, express themselves through arts and crafts, and more. Off the Street Club kids have mentors, tutors and role models; and the Club offers a safe haven where boys and girls can meet together and interact safely and respectfully.

More information on the program can be found at

Doing good never tasted so great!

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