Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shh...Secret Menu Revealed!

Just how many different ways can you enjoy Berry Chill? Mmmm, there are hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of delicious combos that our customers have invented.

You've been so good to us, that we want to give some sweet goodness right back to you. So (drum roll)...that's why we're going to keep a few under-the-counter treats that only our most loyal pals can get. And since they're off the menu, they're free to you.

Next time you come in, top off your yogurt with some sweet natural honey, spicy cinnamon or your childhood fave, Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. 

When you want to dip into one of our private toppings, just say this: "Make it sweet" -- for a drizzle of honey over your yogurt and toppings "Make it spicy" -- for a few shakes of cinnamon "Make it choco" -- for a swirl of chocolate syrup.

Our staff knows what to do. The folks behind you in line will wonder.

It's our way of saying thanks to the people who matter most.

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